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Amateur Radio on TV Series or Shows

Amateur Radio has been on the Silver Screen and on the TV. Sometimes Amateur Radio Operators are portrayed as weird individuals and other times as the ones that save the world from the end of times.

The truth is Amateur Radio Operators are people like you and me. If for some reason we are the only ones that can communicate, it’s because we earned our Amateur Radio Licenses and we are willing to go that extra mile to help.

Below is a list of some of the Movies and TV Shows that Amateur Radio was in. It may be a small scene or it may be the whole shows theme. It may be just the RADIO, the word HAM RADIO, or a term CW, QSL, 73, etc. I have noticed that the Yaesu FT 101 must fit Hollywood's criteria for “The HAM RADIO”; it seems to be in a lot of movies. Some Amateur Radio Operators have been on the technology side of Hollywood making sure the Amateur Radio scenes are done right.

TV Series

Twilight Zone – 1960 “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
Season 1 Episode 22

The neighbors are very suspicious of Steve (Claude Akins) and what his wife (Lyn Guild) said about his Ham Radio Set.

The Outer Limits - 1964 "Feasibility Study” Links 1 2 3 4 5 6
Season 1, Episode 29

Residents break into the home of a Ham Radio Operator.


Twilight Zone - 1964 “Black Leather Jackets
Season 5 Episode 18

A family is sitting watching TV and the TV goes to snow and the lights start to go on and off. Three leather jacket wearing, motorcycle riding men invade a peaceful neighborhood and use a Ham Radio Set.

McHale's Navy – 1964 "A Da-Da for Christy"
Season 2, Episode 36

They use the call W9643 San Diego "Not a Amateur Call" Photos 1 2 3 4

The Munsters - 1965 "If a Martian Answers, Hang Up"
Season 1, Episode 18

Herman becomes a Ham, with a callsign of W6XRL4 Photos 1 2 3

Youtube Pt1 Pt2 Pt3

Gilligan’s Island – 1965 "Quick Before It Sinks"
Season 2 Episode 6

Skipper has Gilligan hide under a table while the Professor contacts him using a phony radio. He refers to Gilligan as a "French Radio Operator" and the Skipper infers that the guy is in a Ham Shack.

Photos 1 2 3 4 5 6

Isis - 1975 CBS “No Drums, No Trumpets
Season 1 Episode 11

Reported Drake TR-22, 2 Meter FM “Luggie Talkies” were used in a scene. More to come as soon a clip is viewed.

Photos 1 2 3 4 5 6 ------ Youtube Pt1 Pt2 Pt3

M* A* S* H* - 1972 “Adam’s Ribs
Season 3, Episode 11

Hawkeye (Alan Alda) is fed up with the same mess hall food. He wakes up Radar (Gary Burghoff) to make a call back to the States to place an order of Ribs from Adam’s Ribs, next to a Deerborn Station in Chicago. Radar gets the call to go through and Hawkeye places the order but forgets to order the coleslaw. Later Hawkeye has Trapper (Wayne Rogers) make a call to an old girlfriend to pick up the ribs and take them to an Army Base so they can be shipped out on ice. At the end, they are all sitting down to eat them and then a chopper comes in with wounded and they have to leave.
***Note: All the phone calls back to the US from Korean Conflict, they used “MARS” Military Affiliate Radio System.

Photos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

The French Atlantic Affair - This was a 1979 TV Mini Series

The French Atlantic Affair. Ham radio was not just a scene -- it was central to the plot. The writer of the novel, book and conultant on all scripts for the TV series was my late friend Ernie "Ernest" Lehman, K6DXK. (King 6 (the) D X Kid a he often called himself.) If you have a screen shot please send us one.

"ALF"- 1980's Episode, many of them had a reference to Amateur Radio.

Look for the Radio Gear in the back ground Photos 1

Facts of LifeSeason 1, Episode 9

In an episode from 1980, Molly Ringwald, daughter of Bob Ringwald K6YBV, played one of the girls at a school, providing emergency communications during a storm. She even used her dad's callsign! Bob Ringwald, K6YBV has also been reported to be one of the Technical Consultants on the show. It was also reported he literally rewrote the script to put in the proper "Hamspeak" so Molly would sound authentic.

C.O.P.S – 198? “Car theft & suicide attempt”
Season ?, Episode ?

A Miami officer pursues a driver who allegedly refused to pull over. In the Pursuit they use the Q-Codes “QSL” and “QTH” You will also find the Q-Codes in a lot of C.O.P.S. Episodes from Florida.

Hancock's Half Hour – 1991 “The Radio Ham”
Season 7, Episode 3

BBC Show Still Confirming Scene!


Paul Merton in Galton and Simpson's... – 1996 ”The Radio Ham”
Season 1, Episode 3

BBC Show Still Confirming Scene!

Married with Children – 1991 “Married... with Who”
Season 5, Episode 12

Marcy “Amanda Rearse” gets hitched to Jefferson “Ted McGinley” in the Bundy’s backyard. Al uses an Amateur Radio so the Minister can conduct the wedding Ceremony. An HF rig was used but I did not get the Maker.

Frasier – 1997 “Ham Radio
Season 4, Episode 18

This episode had nothing to do with Amateur Radio, in name only!

The Secret Wireless War - 2002 (TV)

The first two episodes tell the story of the Amateur Radio Hams who listened to German Morse code broadcasts during World War II. Still Confirming Scene!

Drake & Josh – 2006 “Alien Invasion
Season 3, Episode 16

Drake (Drake Bell) and Josh (Josh Peck) decide to play a prank on their little sister Megan. They know that the night before she watched a special on TV about aliens. Josh decides that they are going to make Megan believe that there really are aliens. When they walk in the house, Megan (Miranda Cosgrove) has radio station set up. She has about 3 big radios, an antenna, and a microphone. In the next scene, Drake asks what Josh is doing with small radio, an antenna and a microphone. Josh says that they are going to use Ham Radio to make Megan think that she is actually hearing aliens on the other end. Drake asks Josh where he got the equipment and he replies with, "Our school has an Amateur Radio Club. They let me borrow some stuff." Later on Megan listens and when Drake and Josh make "alien" noises Megan runs around screaming aliens! Eventually the boys tell Megan it was a prank, but Megan knew all along and gets them back by having an alien scare them.

Photos 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ----- Video Clip

Medium – 20?? “Tile un known”
Season 5, Episode 12

Voices are hear over an old HF Amateur Radio site.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing – 2012 “TBA”
Season 2 Episode 13? or 14?

Allen plays Mike Baxter, KA0XTT, a married father of three and the director of marketing at an outdoor sporting goods store in Colorado whose life is dominated by women. The episode that will establish Mike as a radio amateur is currently scheduled to air in mid-January 2012, More to come after airing. For the back story to how Amateur Radio got on the show and how they did it, Click here for the BACK STORY.

Photos 1 2

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And Then There is Jericho
“Jericho” – 2008 from the first one to the LAST!
At the opening of each show's credits you will hear Morse Code “Dit’s and Dah’s.” If you know, CW you can decode what they are saying. This is what we know so far…

Episode 1.01: The Pilot
CW Code: Jericho Pilot
Episode 1.15: Semper Fidelis
CW Code:They will need it
Episode 1.02: Fallout
CW Code:Jericho Fallout
Episode 1.16: Winter’s End
CW Code:A costly deal
Episode 1.03: Four Horsemen
CW Code:Jericho Three
Episode 1.17: One Man’s Terrorist
CW Code:Rob Exposed
Episode 1.04: Walls of Jericho
CW Code:He knows Rob
Episode 1.18: A.K.A.
CW Code:Who Ran Red Bell
Episode 1.05: Federal Response
CW Code:There is a fire
Episode 1.19: Casus-Belli
Episode 1.06: 9:02
CW Code:The EMP hits
Episode 1.20: One If By Land
CW Code:We Pledge
Episode 1.07: Long Live the Mayor
CW Code:Pray for NYC
Episode 1.21: Coalition of the Willing
CW Code:Allegiance
Episode 1.08: Rogue River
CW Code:Rob not FBI
Episode 1.22: Why We Fight
CW Code:To the Flag
Episode 1.09: Crossroads
CW Code:AOV Surprise
Episode 2.01: Reconstruction
Episode 1.10: Red Flag
CW Code:It begins with
Episode 2.02: Condor
Episode 1.11: Vox Populi
CW Code:6 and ends with
Episode 2.03: Jennings & Rall
Special Episode: Return To Jericho
CW Code:back next week. 36 hours before bombs
Episode 2.04: Oversight
CW Code:A Costly Death
Episode 1.12: The Day Before
CW Code:Bloodshed
Episode 2.05: Termination for Cause
Episode 1.13: Black Jack
CW Code:Bleeding KS
Episode 2.06: Sedition
CW Code:Know our Flag
Episode 1.14: Heart of Winter
CW Code:4 Down 4 to Go
Episode 2.07: Patriots and Tyrants
CW Code:Is still there
Note: On the first show, it shows Amateur Radio Operators getting paid 50¢ for communicating to other cities and towns. Amateur Radio Operators DO NOT GET PAID. We volunteer to help out in the time of need.
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